Alain Ngwa Wanjah a.k.a “Alino Alino” is an Entrepreneur Cameroonian born Urban Pop /Afro Pop musician based in Johannesburg South Africa and Signed under his Record  Label called “Ruby Dust Entertainment”.   


Alino Alino was born in North Western province of Cameroon on the 18th of November  1984. He studied Auto Mechanics in Bamenda in 2004 then opened his frst  Motor Mechanic workshop in 2006 where he  trained more than 23 Mechanics later  moved the business to Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon.  


Alino Alino came to South Africa in 2009 then proceeded with Motor Mechanics but  with the dreams of creating his own Machinery. He then started a Scrap Metal business where he came across to the Recycling Machine business then started researching  more about it eventually in 2011 “Ruby Dust Trading 1043” was established. Since then he went more on improving the quality of his machines and his company is now one of  the biggest Recycling Equipment Manufacturer in Africa and his machines are creating  thousands of jobs in Africa and world at large.  


Alino Alino’s love for Music started at a very young age, irrespective of him being a  Business Tycoon his heart for music kept pumping every time hence he felt to help  artists that had Talent to unfold their dreams, so in 2015 he started a Music Record Label  (Ruby Dust Entertainment) and it’s been doing well. Not only is he the director of the company but a Music Video Director and a Producer. 


After making other artists dreams come true, he then started recording his music in  2017. It was so humbling that his music received so much Love/Attention to everyone  and that gave him a push to continue doing music full time. Alino Alino’s music inspiration comes from DJ Khalid, West Life, Oskido, Beyoncé, Psquare and Akon  he equally gets more of inspiration from an entrepreneur and artist perspective  from DJ Sbu (Sibusiso Leope).  


Alino Alino has impacted a lot of people’s lives across the world and it’s his dream to continue being a youth that will be an example to young people every day.  Having a lot of workers working with him both on the Machinery business and the Music business makes him work harder to sustain the businesses and to create more employment for young people. Music is life to him that why he’s working so much to keep his fans happier all the time. He is working on an Album that will be out soon.